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Breathe… an energetic, experimental and mostly acoustic band based in Surrey, formed mid 2019 over a rum ‘n coke in a bar in Kingston, when Meg met Pete! They started out as a duo and, some months later, were joined by Hilary on cello. After a few line-up changes over the years, Breathe are now playing as a 4 piece, with the addition of bassist Adriá.

Weaving a range of influences into their song writing, they create their own melodic twist of “hyper-folk” - that’s folk roots with elements of indie, rock, classical and world music played in an upbeat and energetic style.

Even with the obstacles of “life during lockdown” in 2020, Breathe released 3 EP’s, (remotely) through their label Breathe Free Music, with the band producing more than an album’s worth of singles and accompanying videos.

In 2021, Breathe started diversifying their acoustic style into a fuller band sound and were back up on stage in the summer, which was packed with back-to-back gigs and festival performances. They also started working on their full length album, ‘Tagmeinnit’, which was released in May 2022.

It's 2022 and Breathe are enjoying another busy gig/Food Festival line-up. There are a few new songs waiting ‘in the wings’ to be recorded too, so watch this space!

Breathe are:
Meg McRae - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Pete Darlo - Drums/Cajon, Marimba, Melodica, Ukulele
Hilary Insall - Cello, Accordion
Adriá Tarrida - Bass

Check out BREATHE's upcoming events on Facebook.

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